Hexa Installation Steps

Please backup your WHMCS data including files and database before performing the installation.

Copy contents of “upload” folder to WHMCS installation folder.

  • WHMCS Admin -> Setup -> Addon Modules -> Hexa Extras -> Activate. Use Access Controlcheckboxes to provide access to module.

  • WHMCS Admin -> Setup -> General Settings -> Template -> Hexa.
  • WHMCS Admin -> Setup -> General Settings -> Ordering -> Default Order Form Template. Set "Flowcart7" or "Flowslider" as default Order Form.
  • WHMCS Admin -> Addons -> Hexa Extras -> Flowcart. Add product groups, icons and column width for each product group.

Please note that there is extra Order Form Template override in Product/Services “Edit Group” screen.

We recommend to disable extra index page and redirect to client area. WHMCS Admin -> Setup -> General Settings -> Other -> Default to Client Area. Tick to enable redirect.

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